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The production of Group II base oil from waste oils requires advanced technologies and refining processes. These processes are designed to produce higher quality and more performant base oils. Here are the main steps and processes involved in the production of Group II base oils:

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Waste Oil Storage

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Distillation Tower


Vacuum Distillation 



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1 - Distillation Tower 

In waste oil recycling systems, the distillation column is a crucial component for separating and purifying various fractions of the oil. Atmospheric Distillation: Waste oils are heated under atmospheric pressure to separate them into various fractions. This stage helps purify the base oils by removing lighter fractions.Here, the waste oil is heated to separate lighter fractions such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel from the heavier fractions.

2 - Vacuum Distillation 

Vacuum Distillation: Used to separate heavier fractions. Vacuum distillation is conducted under low pressure, which reduces thermal degradation and allows for the production of high-quality base oils. This allows the distillation of heavier fractions at lower temperatures, minimizing thermal decomposition. The vacuum distillation column is essential for producing high-quality base oils.

3 - Hydrocracking

Involves the use of hydrogen under high pressure and temperature to convert heavy hydrocarbons into lighter, more valuable products. Hydrocracking plays a key role in producing high-purity, high-performance Group II base oils. Special catalysts are used during the hydrocracking process to enhance efficiency and product quality.

4 - Hydrofinishing

In this step, the base oils are treated with hydrogen to improve their color, odor, and stability properties. Hydrofinishing is essential for enhancing the quality of the final product and improving the properties of Group II base oils.

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