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WIGGENS C600 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 90 mbar / 60 L/min Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pumps(C Series)


The PTFE structure of the C series makes them very resistant to chemical vapors from inlet to exhaust and very tolerant of condensation waters. Pump chambers ensure long life of mechanical parts hermetically. Most importantly, diaphragm pumps are oil-free for much lower service demands compared to oil-tight pumps. They eliminate the cost of water and its well-known pollution from water jet aspirators and waste oil disposal of rotary vane pumps. They are chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pumps that can be widely used in harsh acidic, basic and solvent vapors by using corrosion resistant PTFE on all wet surfaces. Innovative mechanical technology and expert staff evaluations have made the C-series quiet, safe, maintenance-free and cost-effective vacuum pumps.


High chemical resistance :

* All wetted parts of the C series pump are made of PTFE which is ideal for highly aggressive / corrosive gases and vapors.


Long Term Durable :

* Head and diaphragm made of PTFE/PTFE coated with stability core for unmatched long-term performance No air pollution, no maintenance

* Chemvak C series pumps are Diaphragm operated and maintenance free with regular oil changes without the need for lubricant; without oil pollution.



* Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

* Sealing system provides reduced leak rates for improved ultimate vacuum


Scope of application: 

* Chemical and petrochemical Industry

* Pharmaceutical Industry

* Filtration processes

* Vacuum distillation

* Rotary evaporation

* Vacuum and centrifuge concentration

* Solid phase extraction

* Conventional drying and gel drying

* Advanced replacement of water jet pumps


Quiet and Low Vibration:

* Driven directly by motor, without additional belt-driven transmission; The quality vibration-proof assembly ensures that the Chemvak C series operates at the lowest noise level among all other equivalent pumps. thermal protection device

* Each motor of Chemvak C series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device that automatically shuts off the pump when it overheats and continues to operate when the temperature drops.


International Security certificate : * CE certification


Basic Principle of Stability:

Diaphragm pumps for unmatched long-term performance provide optimum performance and unmatched service intervals even in demanding chemical applications. This unmatched reliability is achieved by combining the highest quality components.

* High quality PTFE coated EPDM provides long term chemical resistance

* Thick-walled, diffusion-resistant, molded fluoroplastic is supported by a solid metallic core for durability

* Mechanical precision coating ensures repeatable WIGGENS quality Chemistry diaphragm pumps, chemistry vacuum systems and chemistry pumping units

* Our chemistry diaphragm pumps are available in a wide range of airflow rates and ultimate vacuum options. Single-stage models reach up to 70 mbar (absolute) vacuum. The series connection of the pump heads as two-stage pumps increases the final vacuum up to 0.6 mbar. Parallel connection of headers provides higher flow rates. Our product range offers combinations that meet almost any laboratory need.

* Convenient, fast and simple use thanks to the switch on the front

* Whisper quiet and very low vibration * Requires minimal countertop space * Maintenance-free drive system and proven long diaphragm life

* High chemical resistance C series diaphragm pump offers a compact, high performance and easy to use solution perfect for single filtration. Based on the highly successful technology of the oil-free diaphragm pump, this development provides a proven and extraordinarily long diaphragm life. The functional, space-saving and innovative design with an easily accessible front power switch provides convenient and fast operation for daily laboratory work. Robust PTFE coated diaphragms and valves provide optimum chemical resistance. A manual vacuum regulating valve is available as an accessory for adjusting the pumping speed and final vacuum.


Technicial Specifications:

Strength 220V/50Hz Max. Strength 270W Max. Flow 1.1 A Max. Vacuum 90 mbar Max. Flow Rate 60 L/min Engine Speed 1450rpm Pump Head single stage Exit 10mm Dimension 380 x 162 x 226mm Weight 13.2 kg Noise Level 60dB


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