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NDJ 1 Analog Viscometer; It is used to measure viscosity in mineral oils, lubricating oils, adhesives, paints, printing inks, drugs, binders, plastic-based liquids and other similar fluids.


Measuring Range: 0.1-100,000 cP

Truth: % one

Sensibility: ± 0.2%

Rotor Speed: Can be selected as 6, 12, 30 and 60 Rotor.

Dimensions: 260 x 140 x 320 mm

Synchronized electric motor rotation

Practical method for measuring flow properties of liquid samples

Analogue display

It is used in viscosity measurement according to the kinematic (Rotational) measurement principle.

It is complete with 4 spindle set (for medium viscosity products) and user manual. For low viscosities, spindle 0 should be purchased separately.

Lt Ndj 1 Analog Rotational Viscometer 0.1... 100,000 Cp

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