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LAMY FIRST PLUS Rotational Viscometer R2 - R7 System: 100 - 180.000.000 mPa s with R-2 TO R-7 SPINDLE SET

  LAMY FIRST PLUS Rotational viscometer Modern, springless measuring technology and robust design result in an undeniably accurate and reliable measuring instrument. It is easy to use with its 7" touch screen and allows you to see all the parameters on the screen at the same time.

  Device suitable for use in more than one area; It is frequently used in the fields of education, food, cosmetics, pharmacy, chemistry, petroleum products, food industry.


Technicial Specifications

Measurement Principle: rotational viscometer with ASTM or KU system

Speed (r.p.m.): 0.3... 250 rpm unlimited

Torque Range: Standard Version : 0.05 to 13 mNm

LR Version : 0.005 to 0.8 mNm

Linearity: ± 1% at full scale

Repeatability: ± 0.2%

Viscosity Measurement: R2 - R7 System: 100 - 180,000,000 mPa·s

Temperature : PT100 sensor showing temperature value between -50... 300 °C

Measuring System: MS DIN, MS ASTM, MS BV, MS VANE, MS SV, MS CP

Temperature Control: EVA DIN, EVA LR-BV, RT1, CP1

PC Connection: RS232 Port and USB

Printer Connection: USB Host Port - Compatible PCL/5

Display : 7” color touch screen

Digital Display : Viscosity - Speed - Torque - Spindle - Sensitivity level - Date/Time - Viscosity unit: cP or mPa.s

Voltage : 90-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Language : French, English, Russian, Spanish

Safety and Privacy: The user can only use it with his/her own password.

There is also a protection mode that locks the measurement parameters.

Dimensions: Head: 180 mm x 135 mm x 250 mm

Hardened Steel Stand: 280 mm x 200 mm x 30 mm

Stainless steel Pole: 500 mm

Weight : 6.7 kg

Lamy First Plus Rotational Viscometer R2 - R7 System: 100 - 180.000.000 Mpa·S Wi

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