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Reduce Cost, Enhance Efficiency ;

Local Manufacturing, Expert Consulting

Comprehensive guide with 3D detailed drawings and project planning

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Our New Solution: Local Manufacturing and Expert Consulting

To reduce costs and make the process more efficient, we deliver the complete machine project and 3D drawings to you. This way, you can manufacture the machine in your own country. Here are the details of our new approach:

Detailed Project and Drawings

We prepare the machine project and 3D drawings in detail. We provide a comprehensive guide including information on the materials, components, and assembly instructions.

Equipment and Personnel Procurement

We guide you in procuring the equipment and personnel needed for the machine from your own country. We provide a list of necessary items and alternative suppliers.

Collaboration Agreements

We sign collaboration agreements for manufacturing the machine in your country. These agreements specify responsibilities, payment plans, and control visits.

Control and Consulting

We plan regular visits to check the manufacturing process at specific intervals. We ensure the production progresses correctly through online meetings and on-site inspections.

Training and Support

We offer a comprehensive plan for training your personnel and providing technical support during and after the manufacturing process.

Cost and Payment Plan

We establish a clear cost and payment plan for our consulting services and control visits, assisting you in planning your payments.

Determining the Process Type


Selecting the appropriate process type is crucial for the success of any production or processing operation. Key factors to consider include:

Raw Material Characteristics:
Physical and chemical properties of the raw materials.

Product Requirements:
Quality and performance criteria for the final product.

Technological Options:
Efficiency, cost, and environmental impact of available technologies.

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