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Used Waste Oil to Group I Base Oil Production

Advence Technologies Trasformino Waste Oils into Premium Group I Base Oils 




Group I base oils are one of the most common types of mineral oils. They are derived from crude oil using traditional refining methods such as solvent extraction and vacuum distillation.

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Waste Oil 

Distilation Tower

Vacuum Distilation 






Base Oil

"Types of Waste Oil Re -Refining Processes"

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Process Equipment Detailed Engineering"

Our detailed engineering services cover all aspects of process equipment design. We provide comprehensive engineering solutions that include detailed specifications, layouts, and integration of all necessary components to ensure seamless operation.

Continuous vs. Batch Systems in Loading and Unloading Processes

In industrial processes, selecting between continuous and batch systems for loading and unloading operations depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the application.

Batch Systems

Process materials in discrete batches.

Flexibility in production, easier to manage and control different batches, suitable for smaller-scale production.

Continuous Systems

Operate non-stop, providing a constant flow of materials.

Higher efficiency, consistent product quality, and better for large-scale production.

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Batch  System

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Continous System

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The choice of system in waste oil recycling plants should be based on the plant's production capacity and operational requirements. A batch system is suitable for smaller-scale plants, while a continuous feed system is ideal for large-scale, high-capacity plants. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each system is crucial in making the right decision.

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