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Wiggens V410 Oil Free Piston Vacuum Pump Max. Vacuum: 30 mbar, Max. Flow Rate:19 L/min


The Chemvak V series vacuum pump is a piston-operated, oil-free pump. With innovative electronics, mechanical technology and human design concept, it makes it compact and light, clean and maintenance-free, safe and comfortable.


General features 

Does not pollute the air, does not require maintenance Chemvak V series pumps are piston driven, do not need lubricant, regular oil change and maintenance; without oil pollution.


Humidifier with filter cartridge

Chemvak V series pumps are equipped with a filter cartridge at the air inlet to filter particles and moisture to prolong the life of the pump.



The oil-free piston vacuum pump provides a continuous, reliable, high-flow vacuum for your container.


Vacuum regulator

Chemvak V series pumps are equipped with a vacuum regulator to adjust the vacuum.


Thermal protection device Each motor of

Chemvak V series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device that automatically shuts off the pump when it overheats and continues to operate when the temperature drops.


Scope of application biology laboratories

food industry microbiological diagnosis vacuum extraction liquid filtering vacuum drying Suspended solids inspection


Technicial Specifications

Model V410

Flow Rate in Atm 1.14 m3/h

Flow Rate in Atm 19 L/min

Max. Vacuum 30 mbar

Max. Power 80 W

Max. Current 0.4 A

Motor Rotation Speed ​​1450 rpm

Port 9mm

Noise Level 50 dB

Size 310 x 152 x 165 mm

Weight 8.6 kg

Power Supply 220V/50Hz


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