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PCE RVI2 Digital Rotational Viscometer 1… 100,000 cP

LCD display / Power adapter / 250… 400 ml sample quantity / 1… 100,000 cP measuring range / Adjustable rotation speed / Easy operation / L1… L4 spindle set incl.

The measuring range of the benchtop viscometer PCE-RVI 2 is 1… 100,000 cP and the viscosity of sample liquids can be measured with an accuracy of <±2% of the measuring range. Viscosity is determined on the basis of an applied mechanical resistance acting in the opposite direction to the rotational motion of a shaft. The device can be used at an adjustable speed in the range of 6 … 60 RPM. Many fluids change their viscosity when subjected to thermal stress, such as engine oil. This is where the benchtop viscometer PCE-RVI 2 also comes into play. With the immersion temperature sensor, the temperature of a test object can be determined between 0 ... 100 °C during measurement. The instrument can be connected to the computer via RS232 interface to review the measurement progress. Optional software can be used to generate temperature and viscosity curves during measurement. The height of the device can be adjusted with its feet, so that the measuring spindle is always perpendicular to the measuring medium. For this, there is a spirit level at the end of the device. In addition, the tester can be adjusted up to 25 cm high with a table-type viscometer to properly position the spindle.


General features

- Shaft set consisting of L1, L2, L3, L4

- Accuracy: <±2% of measuring range

- Temperature measurement

- Built-in spirit level for leveling

- Analysis with optional software

- Networking


Technicial Specifications

Measuring Range: 1... 100,000 cP

Accuracy : <±2% of measuring range

Rotor and Shaft: 0.01 cP

Repeatability : ±0.5 %

Temperature Sensor: Resistance Temperature Sensor

Temperature Measurement Range: 0... 100 °C

Temperature Measurement Accuracy: 0.1 °C

Adjustable Measurement Time: 30 seconds... 1 hour or unlimited

Resolution of Measurement Time : 30 seconds

Adjustable Speed: 6, 12, 30, 60 rpm

Sample Volume: 250 or 400 ml, according to mil

Shaft : L1, L2, L3, L4

Interface : RS232

Adjustable Height: 25 cm

Ambient Conditions : 5... 35 °C, <80 n.o, non-condensing

Power Source: Primary: 100 … 240V AC, 50/60 Hz Secondary: 12V DC, 2A

Dimension : 400 x 200 x 430 mm

Weight : 4.8 kg

PCE RVI2 Digital Rotational Viscometer 1… 100,000 cP

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