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4T  : Mineral engine oil for 4-stroke motorcycles.


SL : Gasoline engine oil category issued on July 1, 2001, regulated for the requirements of engines manufactured in 2002. It can also be used on previously manufactured vehicles. Gasoline engine oil that provides better deposit control and low oil consumption at high temperatures.


FULLY SYNTHETIC : Lubricants consisting of artificially produced chemical compounds. These compounds are obtained by breaking down petroleum molecules and then rebuilding them. When examined under the microscope, a drop of synthetic oil reveals millions of molecules of almost the same size and structure.


  • The formula and manufacturing technique of the engine oil, which is produced by going through various reactions of multiple raw materials, can be found in the prepared pdf file.

  • *  Process additive detailed list.

    * Process temperatures and additive amounts.

    * Processing time, detailed details.

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