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  •  CA : Published in 1940, it is a naturally aspirated, naturally aspirated diesel engine oil of light and medium power, working with low sulfur fuel, preventing corrosion and deposit formation.

  • CB : Category published in 1949 for diesel engine requirements operating in light and medium conditions. Provides better wear and deposit protection than CA category.

  • CD : Published in 1955, category with high wear and deposit control. Oil developed for naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines operating on fuel with high sulfur content. It is protective against deposit formation and bearing corrosion at high temperatures.

  • CC : The category that meets the requirements of turbocharged and supercharged, naturally aspirated diesel engines operating in medium and heavy conditions, published in 1961. It prevents wear, rust, corrosion and controls deposits. Passes MIL-L-2104 B and 46152 B tests.

  • CD-II : Diesel engine oil that meets the needs of two-stroke diesel engines and also conforms to the API CD category. It was revised in 1985. CE is a level developed for heavy-duty, turbo-charged and supercharged diesel engines operating under low-speed-heavy-load and high-rpm-heavy load conditions. more effective than

  • CD : level against oil degradation, deposit formation and wear provides protection.

  • CF : Developed in 1994 for indirect injection turbocharged and supercharged diesels using high sulfur fuel. It has higher piston deposit control and bearing corrosion prevention than CD.

  • CF-4 : It is the level introduced in 1990, which provides less deposit formation and oil consumption in addition to CE performance. Heavy duty turbocharged and supercharged diesel engine oil operating under low speed-heavy load and high speed-heavy load conditions.


  • CF-2 In addition to the CF performance requirements published in 1994, engine oil that better prevents cylinder and ring wear and deposit formation in two-stroke diesel engines.


  • CG-4 It is the Heavy Duty Engine Service category published in 1994. Provides higher piston deposit control and less carbon build-up compared to CF-4. Category that meets the requirements of high-speed, four-stroke, direct-injection, turbocharged, heavy-duty diesel engines used both on and off-road.


  • CH-4 Diesel engine oil for use in 4-stroke engines, meeting exhaust emission standards, issued on December 1, 1998. It has been especially developed for high-speed, four-stroke diesel engines operating with fuels containing up to 0.5% sulfur . It also meets CD, CE, CF-4 and CG-4 standards.


  • CI-4 Very heavy duty diesel engine oil announced in 2002. Engine oil used in four-stroke high-speed engines that meet 2004 exhaust emission standards. Its stability at high and low temperatures, piston deposit control, soot control, corrosion and oil consumption control feature is more.

  • CJ-4 Engine oil that provides superior exhaust purification system developed for heavy-duty diesel engines meeting 2007 API performance standards. It has improved antioxidant and soot control at high temperature, better pumpability at low temperature, and low oil consumption. It also meets the American EPA 2007 standard.

  • CK-4 Designed for the requirements of 2017 and later model vehicles, in addition to the CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS performance, high-speed operating under heavy conditions, using fuel containing up to 0.05% sulfur, especially with systems that reduce more advanced exhaust emissions, direct injection, Diesel engine oil that provides advanced antioxidant and soot control at high temperature in turbocharged diesel engines, provides high level protection against viscosity loss due to shear, catalyst poisoning, viscosity increase due to soot increase. Particulate filter clogging, engine wear, piston deposits, low and high temperature properties. to break down, FA-4 Developed to meet the emission standards of 2017 and later in high speed 4-stroke diesel engines of heavy commercial vehicles operating on the road, High Temperature and High Shear Rate (HTHS), between 2.9cP-3.2cP , SAE XW-30 low viscosity class. It can be used with fuel containing up to 0.05% sulfur. Diesel engine oil that provides high-level protection against deterioration and viscosity increase due to soot increase. Since it is not compatible with CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4-Plus, CI-4 and CH-4 performance engine oils, mixing with engine oils of this performance is not recommended.

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