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Process Flow Diagram 

At our company, we operate with principles of innovation and excellence. We continuously produce new and proven systems that meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. Our commitment to research and development keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements, providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs.

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Desing and Project Planning

The project begins with a comprehensive preliminary analysis and data collection process for the client's factory site. During this phase, a detailed evaluation is conducted considering the current state of the site, soil structure, environmental factors, and legal requirements. Based on the collected data, our team of expert engineers and designers prepares detailed 3D drawings and plans that address all the needs of the factory. These drawings meticulously include the layout of each unit within the factory, the positioning of machinery and equipment, infrastructure systems, and transportation routes.

3D modeling ensures high accuracy at every stage of the project and allows for the early detection of potential design errors. Our client can clearly see how their factory will look and operate through the prepared 3D drawings and plans, which accelerates the approval process and makes project progression more efficient.

Following this comprehensive preparation phase, the project commences, and we maintain constant communication with the client at every step to ensure the project progresses as planned. This approach maximizes customer satisfaction and guarantees the successful completion of the project.

The final step before the project begins involves completing the 3D technical drawings, identifying the machinery and equipment, and finalizing the entire process design. These comprehensive drawings are tested using our simulation programs to replicate real working conditions on the computer. After these procedures are completed, the manufacturing process begins.

Modular Systems: Big Solutions for Small-Scale Operations

We manufacture modular systems with capacities ranging from 3 tons per day to 24 tons per day. These systems offer significant advantages by taking up less space and being suitable for small-scale operations. Here are the main benefits of our modular systems:

Compact Design: Our modular systems can be easily installed even in limited spaces. This compact design reduces operational costs and increases space efficiency.

Flexible Capacity: With capacities ranging from 3 tons to 24 tons, our systems provide solutions for various production needs. You can increase or decrease the capacity according to your requirements.

Easy Installation and Transportation: Modular structures can be quickly and easily installed and transported. This makes them ideal for use in different locations or temporary facilities.

Energy Efficiency: Our systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind. This reduces operational costs while also minimizing environmental impact.

Low Operating Costs: Due to their smaller scale, the maintenance and operational costs of our modular systems are lower. This leads to long-term cost savings.

Our modular systems offer an excellent solution for businesses seeking efficiency and flexibility. Contact us for more information and to determine the best system for your business.

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Reduce Cost, Enhance Efficiency ;
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Continous System

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Waste Oil - Group II Base oil 

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