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Group III base oils are produced by hydrocracking, hydroisomerization, and hydrotreating, which make this grade purer. This product is also known as VHVI-4 which stands for very high viscosity index. They are also called synthetic oils. These oils have greater than 90 percent saturates, less than 0.03 percent sulfur and a viscosity index above 120. The product has water white colour and good low temperature properties. More details you can find in our product specifications.


The main applications for base oils group 3 are high-performance engine oils, drive line fluids and industrial lubricants. These products can be found in the lubricant, construction, and chemical industries.

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VHVI-4 advantages

• A low pour point ensures high oil pumpability, quick starting at subfreezing temperature, which makes them usable in a variety of climatic conditions;

• Thermal oxidation stability reduces the oil oxidation at high engine temperatures and scale deposition;

• Low vaporability reduces oil refilling frequency;

• Duration running of the oil in harsh operating conditions (the service life is 1.5-2 times longer compared to mineral oils);

• Compatible with mineral oils and ethers.

4 cSt Base Oil Specification

General description

Group III 4 cSt or VHVI-4 base oil is used for producing high-quality engine oils. Base Oil VHVI-4 is produced by hydroskimming unconverted oil at high pressure and is characterized by a high viscosity index, good cold flow properties, ultra-low sulfur content, low aromatic hydrocarbon content, and low vaporability.


Range of application

VHVI-4 base oil is used as a base for producing industrial, hydraulic, and engine oils, as well as drill fluids, and other agents. It neither freezes nor clouds up at low temperatures.


To transport VHVI-4 base oil, trucks, flexi-containers, and rail tank cars are used. For Base Oils VHVI-4 specifications, feel free to contact us – our sales department will help you choose a product for your specific application.

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