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Group 2 base oil is a mineral base oil made of petroleum crude oil through hydrocracking process. It has lower viscosity, lower sulfur content (above 0.03%), and a higher saturation (more than 90% saturates). Base oils group II are purer and have clear water-white colours. The viscosity index of this grade is normally more than 100.


Group II base oils are used in different lubricant applications – most lubricants can be made from them.

Base oils group II have better antioxidation properties and a clearer color than Group I base oils. Nowadays Group II is used more often than other grades.


Delivers Group II base oils in trucks, flexi-containers and rail tank cars. You can contact us to receive group 2 base oil specifications – our sales department will help you to choose the product for your particular application.

BASE OİL 6.jpeg

60N Specification

GR 2 60 N .png
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